Jissen Jutsu is not a new term, nor is it a new martial art.  Jissen Jutsu is a term used to describe a methodology of training used by us for training civilians and martial arts students in combat applications or advanced self defense principles.  The type and method of training employed depends solely upon the group we are working with, but all are based upon one common variable.  Realism in training reduces the threat in real life.

There are 4 basic and 4 advanced levels to Jissen Jutsu as taught at the Meishinkan Dojo.  The 4 basic levels teach fundamental postures, strikes, blocks, traps, locks and throws.  The advanced levels are primarily for instructor level students who have several years of advanced formal martial arts studies and include advanced applications not taught in the basic levels.

Tactics include such things as:
  • 3rd Party Defensive Tactics
  • Firearm Retention
  • Edged Weapon Retention
  • Blunt Weapon Retention
  • Grappling and Striking Fundamentals
  • and Rape Defense

The 4 Basic Levels
  1. Students begin with understanding proper application of fundamental blocks, strikes and kicks.
  2. At level two students begin to incorporate joint locks, throws, body manipulations, and blunt weapon retention.
  3. Level three gets students accustomed to using the techniques in partner drills designed to stimulate our natural fight or flight response.  Students also learn edged weapon retention.
  4. Level four focuses on eliminating our flight response and instead building on our ability to fight.  At this stage students are attacked at full force with a variety of attacks and are expected to be able to deal with the stress and physicality of the attacks.  Students also learn firearm retention and rape defenses at this stage.